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Just one inch of water in your home can cause up to $25,000 in damage.

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    Why are flood insurance rates increasing?

    The Federal program has to accept everyone, so if your home is at a lower risk of flooding you may be grouped in with those that have a higher risk resulting in unfairly high premiums. We can help!

    What Makes Us Different

    • Private Carriers
    • We Shop for You
    • Several Coverage Options
    • Over 20 years of Experience

    Most insurance companies only offer flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program backed by FEMA. Unfortunately, due to changes in the program, rates have soared with no end in sight. Inszone can offer you more affordable flood insurance by working through private carriers. We work with several private flood insurance carriers who compete with the Federal Flood Insurance Program. These private companies can be selective on who they cover and compete aggressively for your business. As a result, rates can be MUCH LOWER than expected.

    Why You Need Flood Insurance

    1. It’s required! Your lender requires it in order to protect their investment.
    2. It is not covered by your regular home owner’s policy. A separate flood insurance policy is required.
    3. Climate change! If you live near a large body of water, you might be at risk.

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