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You’ve dreamed of a successful and stable business. You’ve put so much effort and energy into keeping it running smoothly. But there are unexpected things completely out of your control that may affect the success and stability of your business. From environmental disasters, lawsuits, health hazards and new regulations – there are so many risks that your business is exposed to. Thus, you need the right business protection against these threats and more.

Understanding the needs of many business owners, we, at Inszone, have access to business insurance programs that provide you the best protection at the right cost for your business. No matter what type of business or industry you’re in, we have the right solution for you.

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Artisan contractors

Artisan contractors are subjected to so many risks.  You need to think about performing the job to the best of your ability, safety hazards to employees, customers and the general public, potential damage to your customers’ property and the risk of theft and vandalism of supplies, tools and equipment just to name a few exposures.  That is why, you need the right insurance coverage to protect your business, your employees, and your customers.  We have the right solutions for electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians and all other tradesmen.

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Construction work is not easy. Using heavy equipment and machinery while working long hours, you cannot predict what might happen. The thought that you might be held responsible for property damage and injuries long after the job is complete is unsettling to say the least. The right insurance plan is essential to landing your next contract and staying in business long term.  We specialize in insurance plans for general contractors, carpenters, roofers, solar installers, swimming pool construction, street and road construction, asphalt paving, concrete construction, demolition, and many others.

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Commercial property

As a Commercial Property Owner you likely chose investing in property as a means for long-term, stable income. Your properties are among your largest investments, an investment designed to provide for future generations of your family.  Whether you own an apartment complex, hotel, strip mall, restaurant or office building you are exposed property losses from fire, wind, hail, flood and earthquakes.  As well as liability claims from tenants and the general public.  Property policies can be quite complex with multiple deductibles and coverage options such as co-insurance, law and ordinance, and business income.  We take the guess work out the process.  Our team can help you determine the right replacement cost, limit of liability, deductibles and additional coverage options to best protect your investment.

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Garage and Dealers

Taking possession of your customers’ vehicle is a big responsibility.  We provide solutions for service stations and mechanics, auto body, and paint, car washes, gas stations, auto and truck, dealerships, mobile mechanics, equipment dealers, among others.  We understand the risks you take when making major repairs to your customers’ vehicle as well as when your employee jumps behind the wheel to go for that test drive.  Your coverage needs are unique, you need an agent who understands your business and how to protect it.

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Restaurant & Bar

Running a successful restaurant isn’t easy.  There’s more than one reason so many restaurants fail each year.  It’s tough to fill the seats and the potential for a mishap is great.  You’re faced with all the exposures most people think about such as fire, employee injury and slip/trip accidents as well as product and liquor liability claims.  A well-crafted restaurant insurance plan can provide coverage for these exposures and more.  That is why, we partner with insurance carriers that specialize in coverage for all types of restaurants including family dining, fine dining, fast food, bars, and nightclubs, even for food trucks and food vendors.

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Healthcare and Social Services

For those in the healthcare and social service industry, you know how challenging it is to provide great care for patients, balance the expectations of patients’ family members and stay in compliance with state regulations.  A robust insurance plan is likely required to maintain your license.  Inszone has the knowledge and insurance products to protect your business and employees.  We specialize in insurance for home care, residential care facilities, elderly care facilities, and hospice. We also have insurance for dentist offices, doctor offices, chiropractic offices, and even daycare centers.  Under one roof here at Inszone, we can help you meet requirements for General and Professional Liability, Workers Comp, Commercial Auto and even your employee dishonesty bond.

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Wholesale & Distribution

If you’re in the wholesale and distribution business you know how challenging logistics can be.  You likely have many business partners in your supply chain.  You need assurance that your products are protected thru each step in bringing a product to market. You want to be sure that you’re covered when someone else’s product is in your care, custody, and control.  You need to know you have product liability insurance backing you if you’re sued because of a defective product.  You need to know that your vehicles and drivers are covered in the event of an accident.  Let Inszone help you sort out the logistics in your insurance plan.

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Main Street Businesses

You’ve probably dreamed of open a small business for most of your life.  Now you’ve taken the leap and you realize there are many risks you likely didn’t think of.  Don’t lie awake worrying about what could happen.  Inszone can help give you the peace of mind you need to focus on growing your business.  We have comprehensive Business Owners Packages providing the liability and property coverage you need.  Affordable solutions are a phone call away.

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Professional Services

Professionals know, to land the big projects, your customers are going to require you have a solid insurance plan behind you.  Submitting your proposal with proof of Errors and Omissions, General Liability, Cyber Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance shows you’re a seasoned professional who’s up to the task.  We design insurance plans for technology services, CPA’s, tax services, bookkeepers, insurance agencies, travel agencies, lawyers and more.

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If you’re on the road or putting employees on the road you know commercial auto insurance is not enough to adequately protect your business.  Truckers, tow, livery, and courier services know their exposures are far greater than a minor fender bender.  You need to be thinking about protecting your vehicles, cargo, passengers, and employees.  Inszone can help put the right plan together for your business.  We partner with best insurance companies to custom build the best solution for your transportation business.

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Special Events

It’s your big day!  The trade show to launch your new product, your company’s holiday party, or the event you’ve been planning for your most important client.  The insurance protecting your business at your location likely doesn’t cover offsite events.  Special events require special insurance coverage.  Inszone can help.  Special event insurance can be placed quickly and at an affordable price.  No matter the type of event and even at the last minute, you can trust Inszone to deliver the coverage you need.  Events, concerts, trade shows, parties, festivals, weddings, fairs and carnivals, Inszone can protect you on your big day.

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