Avoiding Common Holiday Home Insurance Claims

8 December 2021
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A holiday song reminds us…

“Grandma got run over by a reindeer, walking home from our house Christmas eve.”

…It’s important to remember that there are risks that come with the holiday season and this is the perfect time for you to review your insurance policies and make sure they’re up to date, because practicing precautions and having a good insurance policy in place, can help you to mitigate your risk to ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy your holiday season to the fullest.

Injured Guests

Trips and falls are common causes of accidents in homes. The holiday season aggravates these incidents with furniture moved to accommodate Christmas decorations and more friends and family throughout your home than usual. Not to mention the mixture of fatigue, alcohol and generally having too much of a good time.

In case of an incident, the liability insurance on your homeowner’s, condominium or renter’s insurance is meant to pay the medical expenses when a visitor to your home is injured from a trip, fall or other incident. This insurance could also extend to cover the liability that is placed on the shoulders of the homeowner when an intoxicated guest gets in a car and wrecks on the way home.

Home Fires and Theft

A good homeowner’s insurance policy covers many risks in your household. On the “Personal Property and Buildings” section, make sure that you have the following situations covered. In the case that you are renting, your renter’s policy should cover the same.

Cooking Fires – Anyone cooking that is multitasking can be prone to be distracted, increasing the likelihood of a kitchen fire.

When cooking larger meals during the holidays, spending time in the kitchen and giving everyone their own jobs to do can reduce the risk of someone getting distracted and a fire starting in the kitchen.

Christmas Tree Fires – Christmas tree fires cause millions of dollars’ worth of property damage every year. Worst, the risk of death from fires from Christmas trees are unusually higher compared to other fires.

Be sure that your tree is getting plenty of water to keep its needles from drying out and becoming more flammable. You should also be aware of what is around your tree, including electrical wires and open flames.

Kids and Matches – This is a classic home risk that should not be taken lightly.

Matches should always be kept out of reach of children, but during the holidays there are more uses for your matches and they are more likely to be left out. Be sure to put the matches away, or instead of puling out the entire box, just grab the number of matches you need and put the box back where it belongs.

Fires Caused by Candles – December 25th is one of the top three days for fires caused by candles, followed by New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day. Candles can also be the cause of a Christmas tree fire.

Always be aware of the placement of your candles. They shouldn’t be near your tree and should be clear of drapes and other fabric and furniture. Lastly, they should not be left unattended.

Overloaded Electrical Equipment – Of the fires that sparked from Christmas trees, around 43% of the incidents are related to electrical equipment failure.

The holidays are filled with lights and fun decorations, inside and outside of the house, which means the number of items plugged in and the number of extension cords or power surge protectors both go up as well. As you are plugging things in, be aware of the surrounding items, much like you would with your candles.

Theft – In the case of loss or damage due to a break-in, your homeowners’ insurance should be able to help.

Your insurance should be able to help you replace your possessions, however, if you have a collection of high value items you will want to schedule the items to be sure they will be covered in the event of an incident. For example, wedding rings and other high-value jewelry, musical instruments, increased amounts of technology, art and more can be covered as itemized property.

You should discuss your specific property coverage needs with your local, independent insurance agent to ensure your insurance is protecting you properly.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is a constant risk, especially during the holidays, so it’s important to make sure that you talk to your insurance agent about this and be sure that you have the necessary policy for your own protection.

Insurance may not be the most festive gift you could give yourself this holiday season, but it’s the most important one for you and your loved ones.

Inszone Insurance, has a team of expert agents that have the solutions for all your insurance needs, ensuring that you’ll have the right coverage for any emergency when you need it. For more details of a comprehensive personal insurance, contact Inszone Insurance now!

Corey Elsasser - Inszone Insurance Personal Sales Team Manager

Corey Elsasser

Personal Sales Team Manager

Corey Elsasser is a Personal Sales Team Manager Specialist at Inszone Insurance Services. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Cal State University, Fullerton. Corey joined the Inszone team in 2019 after being drawn to the insurance industry as a result of his extensive experience in customer service.

He uses his Communications degree on a daily basis to develop strong working relationships with those in need of personal insurance. His extensive background in organized sports has created an incredibly strong work ethic, which allows him to deliver the highest level of customer service.

In his time off, Corey enjoys snowboarding, the beach, and spending time with family.

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