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Protect your retail shop

Insure it with the right insurance plan

If you own a retail shop, people rely for your products and services. Whether it is for auto parts, pet food, clothes, appliances, etc., they will come to you because they have a need that needs to be met. And as a business owner, the first thing that you need to do is to provide them quality products and services. One of the ways that you can do this is by ensuring that your business is protected from any risks that can disrupt your operations.

There are proper insurance coverage options for retail shops to protect themselves against any unforeseen risks. And, we, at Inszone Insurance, have the right insurance carrier to provide you your most needed business insurance coverage.

Why Inszone Insurance?

We’ve helped many retail shop owners find the right insurance plan for them, here’s why they have trusted us:

  • We have access to a wide number of insurance carriers that will allow you to customize your insurance plan to complement the need of your business.
  • You can compare prices among our insurance carriers to see who will best fit your budget. You don’t need to hop into other insurance companies to do this.
  • We have experienced insurance professionals who are dedicated in providing the right insurance plan for your retail business. You may talk to them about your insurance policy for free at any time.
  • We give upfront and free quotes, to help you prepare your budget.

Benefits of having an insurance plan for your retail shop

Your retail shop may be one of your biggest investments, that is why you need to invest in the right insurance plan. Depending on your coverage, here are some of the benefits of having one:

  • In the event of power surges, machine or equipment breakdown, fire, natural disasters, that may affect your operations, your insurance plan will cover all the repairs and damages on your business.
  • In the event that your employee, your client or members of the public get injured while inside your business, your insurance will cover the medical bills of that person/s.
  • Any lost or damaged property caused by your business operation, is also covered by your insurance plan.
  • If your retail shop has vehicles, you can also include a special protection on your vehicle, to prepare for any risks or accidents.
  • Your company is also protected against any legal claims or lawsuit in the event that you are sued by your client or members of the public.

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