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Certified Public Accountants (CPA) and other financial experts work with very sensitive information and data, which when handled incorrectly, will put their license and business at stake. Aside from that, their office and the contents inside their office may also face damages in the event of unexpected fire or natural disasters. Considering all these heightened risks, CPAs should get the right insurance plan to protect their careers and their business.

As an experienced insurance agency, we, at Inszone Insurance, have access to the best and leading insurance carriers in the country. We have the right insurance plan for all CPAs and financial experts out there.

Why Inszone Insurance?

Here are the reasons why many professionals go to us for their insurance coverage plan:

  • With our access to many insurance carriers, we can help you customize your insurance plan to complement your business and professional requirements.
  • You can also compare policies and prices among our insurance carriers, to know which is the most cost-effective policy for you.
  • We have highly skilled and experienced insurance specialists who are experts in giving advice when it comes to CPA insurance plan. You may talk to them for a free consultation session.

Benefits of having the right insurance for CPAs

Here are some of the benefits of having the right insurance plan if you are a Certified Public Accountant:

  • Your insurance will protect you from lawsuits or legal claims about physical injury, property damages, negligence of work, malpractices, among others.
  • Depending on your insurance, your business office will be protected in the event of fire and natural calamities. You will receive compensation for repairs of the office and replacement of its content.
  • Depending also on your coverage, your insurance will also give you income protection, if your firm or office fails to operate due to the repairs being done.

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