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Protect your assets and your client’s investments

Invest in an auto and truck dealership insurance

Just like any other auto-related ventures, auto and truck dealerships are rewarding business investment that can give you stable income. That is why, many business owners work on finding ways and solutions to keep their business running smoothly and more importantly protected from any unforeseen problems.

However, there are risks that may disrupt your business operations. The vehicles you sell are your source of income, and any damage or loss to them can incur huge losses for you. With these unique risks that auto and truck dealership businesses are exposed to, they need the right insurance product to protect their property and ensure that there are no potential business disruptions.

We, at Inszone Insurance, understand your unique need to protect your business. That is why, we provide you a customized insurance plan chose for you from our multiple insurance carriers to protect your venture.

Why Inszone Insurance Services?

Here are the reasons why many auto and truck dealerships prefer us as their ideal insurance provider:

  • Our access to multiple carriers will allow you to have more options to customize your auto and truck dealership insurance plan.
  • We offer competitive industry pricing that won’t hurt your budget. You can be as flexible as you want with your chosen insurance policy.
  • Our expert insurance agents are always ready to assist you. You may call them for a free consultation anytime.

Benefits of having an auto and truck dealerships insurance plan

Here are some of the benefits that your auto and truck dealership business can get when you invest in the right insurance plan:

  • The nature of your business allows you to interact with employees, contractors, clients, vendors, and many more. All of them can be exposed to injury and damages caused by your business activity. Your insurance plan will help you cover for any injuries or damages that your business may cause them.
  • Since your business involves traveling and also unloading and loading of vehicles, you are exposed to bodily injury and property damage. Your insurance will give you liability coverage against these kinds of situations.
  • Unlike the standard auto insurance plan, auto and truck dealership insurance plan is more comprehensive. Depending on your coverage, it can cover accidental loss or damage caused by collision, theft, vandalism, fire and other natural disasters.

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