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Mechanics on the move

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If you are a mobile mechanic, you understand the risks that your employees and your business are exposed to. From testing to diagnosing – the nature of activities and jobs that your business has, can bring bodily injury or property damage. That is why, whether you are a mobile mechanic, repairer, or an engineer, you need to protect your business from any disruption that may affect your investments and assets.

We, at Inszone Insurance, have access to many insurance carriers that can provide you the insurance that you needed the most. You have unique needs for protection and we have the right and custom-fit insurance to complement that.

Why Inszone Insurance Services?

Here are the reasons why mobile mechanics trust us in providing the right insurance for them:

  • With our access to many insurance carriers, we can help you customize your insurance policy depending on your requirements and business roles. If you are a contractor, owner or sole-prop who works from home, we have the right insurance plan for you.
  • With access to multiple insurance carriers, we make sure that we give you the most flexible pricing that your budget will love.
  • We have a team of insurance specialists with many years in the business, who can walk you through your policy and answer any questions you might have.

Benefits of having a mobile mechanic insurance plan

Here are the benefits of investing in a mobile mechanic insurance plan today:

  • If you are road testing or diagnosing the vehicle of your client and accidentally damaged the vehicle or get someone injured, your insurance will cover the injuries and damages involved.
  • Depending on your coverage plan, if your business is being sued for fraudulent activities or for injury and damages, your insurance will cover the expensive legal costs and processes.
  • If you have expensive equipment and tools that were lost or damaged while doing your job, your insurance plan will cover the repair and replacement for it.

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