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Provide quality elderly care

Insure your facility with the right insurance plan

We want the best assistance and care for the elder members of our families. That is why, we make sure to bring them to the best elderly home, that will look after them with care and will attend to them 24/7.

Keeping an elderly facility is not easy. The responsibility that rests on your shoulders is immense. Your patients’ lives and wellbeing are literally on your hands. Aside from your patients, you also need to think about your employees and the equipment that your employees need. That is why, it makes sense for you as an elderly care facility owner to protect your services.

With access to multiple insurance companies, we, at Inszone Insurance, provide the insurance plan that you need to be protected and operate your facility with peace of mind.

Why Inszone Insurance?

Here are some of the reasons why many elderly care facility owners come to us for their insurance needs:

  • With connections to different insurance carriers, we can help customize your elderly care facility insurance plan to fit your needs.
  • You can also compare prices among our insurance carriers to see who will best fit your budget.
  • You can talk to our expert insurance specialists, who can answer all your inquiries, for free.

Benefits of having an elderly care facility insurance plan

Here are some of the benefits when you invest in the right elderly care facility insurance product:

  • You and your business will be protected in the event that your customers or members of the public file a lawsuit to you or to your business against malpractice or negligence, among others.
  • You and your business together with your employees are covered in the event of physical injury and property damage.
  • Depending on your coverage, you also get income protection in the event that you and your employee fail to deliver service due to physical injury and other work-related illness.

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