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If you are in the delivery and courier industry, you know that a lot of people and also companies, rely on you. You need to deliver packages or products on time and in good condition. That is why, you need to have the best vehicles and trusted employees to make this happen. However, you know that there are risks in this type of industry. There can be unexpected accidents or emergencies that might disrupt your deliveries, damage the items you are carrying, or even destroy property. That is why, you need the right business insurance plan to protect your delivery and courier operations.

Why Inszone Insurance?

Here are some of the reasons why you can trust us when it comes to your delivery and courier business insurance plan:

  • With over 15 years in the industry, we have experience in all aspects of business insurance and all the requirements that need to be met.
  • We have access to some of the best and leading insurance carriers in the country. This allows you to be flexible in customizing your insurance plan.
  • You can compare prices among our insurance carriers so you know which is the best plan for you.
  • We also have friendly and accommodating team of insurance specialists who are ready to help you get started with your coverage.

Benefits of having the right delivery and courier service insurance plan

Here are just some of the benefits of investing in the right delivery and courier service insurance coverage:

  • If someone gets injured while at your business, or while transporting or delivering items, your insurance will cover the medical bills for the injured person.
  • If someone’s property that you are transporting gets stolen or damaged while in your possession, your insurance will repair or replace that property.
  • If your customer or a member of the public files a case against your company, your insurance will protect you from the legal expenses.
  • If you accidentally deliver a wrong package to a customer, or their product gets damaged during the delivery process, and your customer files for complaint, your insurance can help you with all the expenses of the legal proceedings. It can also help you replace the loss of your customer.

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