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Protect yourself and your work

Invest in a general contractors insurance plan

Property owners or developers will often require you to secure a general contractors insurance before being qualified to join the bidding process for a construction project. But whether it is required or not, or whether it is a small home or a big building, having a general contractors insurance plan will protect you, your services and even your clients.

An experienced contractor knows the importance of having the right general contractors insurance to protect his/her profession and business. As a trusted insurance partner, we provide the right general contractors insurance that meets the need of every construction business and professionals.

Why Inszone Insurance Services?

With many years in the industry, contractors have trusted us with their insurance plans. Here’s why they put their trust on us:

  • We have access to a wide number of insurance carriers. Because of this, we are able to give them the best insurance plan that meets their needs and requirements.
  • We are able to shop for the best and most affordable insurance policy that meet their budget.
  • We have dedicated insurance specialists who are ready to assist them whenever they have questions or need personal assistance on their insurance policy.

Benefits of having a general contractor insurance plan

A contractor may accidentally damage a property, mishandle materials and tools, or experience problems with the construction. During these situations, you need a general contractors insurance to get all these benefits:

  • Your insurance will protect you and your business against injury and expensive property damages.
  • You are also protected from any lawsuits and claims. Depending on your coverage, your insurance will pay the court-related losses, attorney fees, witness fees, among others.
  • When you have a general contractor insurance, your business, assets, and employees are protected.

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